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Dr. Tung Ching-Chang (1916-1975) [a.k.a Master Tung] has been regarded as one of the greatest Acupuncture Masters of our time. He was born in 1916 into a middle class "Acupuncture family" in the Northern part of China. He began his life as a young acupuncturist at the age of 18 where he treated patients regardless of their ability to pay. This first clinic was closed while he served in the KMT army during WWII where his skills helped many of his fellow soldiers. At the conclusion of the war he returned home to open another clinic, which was closed when he returned to the KMT army to fight the communists led by Mao Ze-Dong.

At this time ,while serving in the KMT army he left communist run China for Taiwan. This is where he lived and practiced, always treating and caring for patients regardless of their ability to pay for services. Throughout his career it is estimated that he treated over 400,000 patients and it is estimated that 100,000 of these were without fees.

The "Tung Family Style of Acupuncture" is different from that of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to my history page for a more complete definition) in its use of diagnosis, model, acupuncture points, methods, doctrines, etc.

It is true that some of Master Tung's points are found on the 14 Regular Channels. The majority however are not the same as the PRC State Mandated TCM acupuncture system. The two primary techniques used in Master Tung's Family Style are Acupuncture and Blood 'Letting.' His unique techniques of utilizing holographic images of body systems on the extremities, and successive insertion of three needles in a therapeutic 'region' (Dao Ma Technique) enables the patient to evaluate the changes immediately and give feedback right away. This in turn reduces the number of needles needed and gives patients the ability to become active participants in their treatment. (Unlike most other styles of Acupuncture, this method allows immediate adjustment of the acupuncture needle protocols to maximize each single session.)

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