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Neurological Integration System

  • Gentle, non-invasive, hands-on therapy
  • Patient driven
  • Blends fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine, CST, and neurophysiology

NIS (NeuroLink) is a complete system of functional screenings, assessing, and integrating of the Neurologic connection with the glands, organs, muscles, tendons, and energetic system. It shares many similarities with CranioSacral Therapy and relies on the fundamental principles of Chinese pulse diagnoses to locate, and re-establish a functional connection.

As with CranioSacral Therapy the patient, and more specifically their brain, is in charge of what is at the root of their condition and treatment. As the practitioner I am there as a neutral facilitator. I apply a series of screenings that will lead us to the root communication error between the brain and the functional body system. This may be, for example, a virus, bacteria, structural, energetic, or combination of these, and others that have lead to a breakdown in the neural connection.

Neurophysiological point of view:

The foundation of NIS is based on the idea that the brain governs the optimal function of the body's system. We look to reset, and fine tune the circuit between the brain and the bodies systems.


Complaints / root cause

NIS, similar to Chinese Medicine, assesses the root cause of complaint in contrast to treating the symptom of the issue. By finding the root, the "flipped switch" of our neural connection we can reset the imbalance allowing the brain to return the energetic functional system.


To clear these short circuit a non-invasive pattern of connection are made, and reconnected to the neural center (Post Central Gyrus) of the brain.

The beauty of NIS at Radiant Acupuncture is how it can be included in our current sessions. The series of screenings for NIS can be done in sections, that will help to facilitate your Master Tung's acupuncture patterns, and CST releases. So at the start of each session we can quickly check with the segments that were cleared before, and pick up where we left off and continue on with the series.

For more information and research by the developer, Dr. Allan. K. Phillips D.O. Please go to his website at www.neurolinkglobal.com.

If you have questions about Radiant Acupuncture and any of the services or their combination please email me and I will do my best to answer them.

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