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Ease Your Pain

Millions of Americans are all too familiar with pain. There can be countless trips to the doctor or chiropractor, pain medications, sleepless nights and the burden of making it through the day while enduring pain.

Have you tried massage?

A recent survey by the American Hospital Association shows that nearly 82 percent of hospitals that use some form of complementary or alternative care use massage therapy, with 70 percent of those hospitals using massage for pain management and pain relief.

A consumer survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) reveals that more people than ever are seeking massage to manage and relieve pain. The survey shows that nearly half, 47 percent, of those polled have had a massage specifically for pain relief.

A 2003 survey of 1,998 massage clients showed that 63 percent believed massage therapy provided them greater pain relief than chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy or other bodywork.

Clinical research has shown that massage therapy can:

  • Be more effective for chronic back pain than other complementary therapies.
  • Promote relaxation and alleviate the perception of pain and anxiety in cancer patients.
  • Reduce post-traumatic headaches better than cold pack treatments.
  • Lessen pain and muscle spasms in patients who have undergone heart bypass surgery when part of hospital-based surgery treatment.
  • Stimulate the brain to produce endorphins.
  • Improve confidence by encouraging patients to effectively cope with their pain.

If you have chronic pain, talk to your doctor about adding massage by a qualified massage therapist to your pain management program. Finding a trained and qualified massage therapist is important, so look for a member of AMTA.

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