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What to Expect at Your Massage Session

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If you haven't had much experience with massage therapy, you might be wondering what to expect. This article will give you some ideas about what takes place during a "typical" massage session.

If it's your first time seeing the therapist, you will probably be asked some questions. The therapist might ask about why you are getting a massage, your current physical condition, medical history, life-style and stress level, experiences with specific areas of pain, and whether there is any specific need you want addressed during the massage.

First and foremost, the therapist needs to make sure you don't have any health conditions that would rule out massage as an appropriate form of treatment.

Second, the therapist needs to know your needs regarding the massage and to be sure both you and the therapist clearly understand what you expect and what the goals for the session are.

Third, the information you provide helps the massage therapist determine what techniques to use and how to structure the session.

Next, you will be asked to remove your clothing. The therapist will either leave the room or otherwise provide privacy while you undress. You should take off only as much as you are comfortable removing. A sheet or towel is provided for draping during the massage. The therapist will uncover only the part of the body being massaged, ensuring that modesty is respected at all times. Draping also keeps the person receiving the massage warm. You should also remove any jewelry or other articles that might interfere with the massage.

The massage takes place on a comfortable, padded massage table. The massage therapist will tell you what position to lie in on the table. The table may have some extra attachments or cushions, such as a face rest (which allows you to lie in a face down position without turning your head and neck). If you don't like using any attachments, ask the massage therapist to remove it or not use it.

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