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The history of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture can be traced back thousands of years in China. For most of Oriental Medicine's history the many different branches of care and treatment were separated by families and their "family" styles.

To say that Oriental Medicine was unified as one primary form of care such as what is taught and practiced by most practitioners here in the west is far from completely accurate. True Classical Chinese Medicine was made up of these 'family' styles where each treatment would come from a different family with different models, doctrines, and methods.

For example, the use of needles would come from the needle family, Herbs from the herb family, or Bone Setting from that given family. Within these families' styles there would be many different variations and specializations that would address a given condition in their specific ways.

Through the years these families would refine their styles and pass down their secrets to the next generation of doctors within their families. These were considered family treasures that were protected and only practiced by those in the family. This was an ideal situation for the development of the rich, vast knowledge of the methods, models, and doctrine of Classical Oriental Medicine. These medical families were seen as the scholars and sages of their respected times and regions. People would travel great distances to receive care from these masters of their families' styles.

The history of Medicine in China follows closely with that of the political regimes that were in power. Much like our medical history here in the States, the governing body would pass on the newest ideas that best suited their agenda. (Please see Michael Moores' "Sicko" for more background on the history of medicine in the US.)

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