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I enjoy taking courses that involve children and parenting issues. I find them helpful when I work with families, and in my own parenting. I am not a perfect parent and have found the grace and have kept my sense of humor to accept that about myself. Knowledge and insight are helpful but it actions that I do that create the change for myself. The same applies for my clients. I sit and discuss with clients who are still contemplating what change they want to make, and support them until they are ready to take action. I respect their needs to go at their own pace.

Feeling connected to those people we care about, having intimacy in conversations, asking for what you want in ways that enable you to feel heard and understood, being connected to others so you can have empathy for their experience and not need to be right but to be able to hold the concept of mutiple realities. Having a sense of integrity, and being congruent in how you feel and how you act in a healthy manner. These are some of the goals I set for myself and my clients.

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