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I have been in the healing art on Capitol Hill since 1992. I have learned many different approaches to health and wellness during my career. I enjoy learning through continuing education courses and usually have a few on the horizon that I am interested in.

My own journey toward wellness and health is not limited to my professional life. The process of integrating my experience and education, both professionally and personally has been a journey of its own. First I became a massage therapist, then a Craniosacral therapist, and then completed my masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science in Systemic Counseling. During this time I got married--my husband graduated with his masters degree in oriental medicine. We began a family with our first daughter, and then added a second.

We know about transitions, as this all took place in the first six years of our marriage.

When people ask me who I work with, I want to answer everyone--well almost everyone. I work with people of all types and with people facing all kinds of challenges. It is not the name of the diagnosis that is important, it is how you live with the challenges that come with it. If someone comes in needing more than I can offer (for example, someone who needs 24/7 availability for high needs), I refer him or her to a larger organization that can accommodate them. I know my limits and that is one.

Working with me, you learn that I have clear, healthy boundaries. You get the chance to practice life changing skills first in my office. In your interpersonal relationships, you begin by gaining confidence talking with me. In couples counseling you practice with one another and I offer coaching for each of you.

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