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Acupuncture: about Jon

Both new and long-standing clients often ask how I found my way to Oriental Medicine and acupuncture. For me, the path here has been long and winding. I believe my first interest in Asian culture and eventually Asian medicine was through my culinary training. In my late teens and early twenties I followed my love of good food into the culinary world. This blossomed into a fascination with the flavors of Asia and the culture whose history seemed endless. With life's many twists and turns I found myself facing injuries either from the kitchen or from my other passion, cycling, bumping into Western (Allopathic) Medicine and its limited answers.

While trying to push through another migraine I experienced my first CranioSacral Therapy session and found that my migraine was gone. This experience started my quest to find the "how" and the "why" to all of my and my family's aches and pains.

As I started to study the simple beauty of CranioSacral Therapy I searched for a method that would give me the tools to help more people while stepping away from all the Western Medical tests that had never been able to answer any of my questions. This is where I found Oriental Medicine, and especially Acupuncture. This is the one place where I could pursue my interest in the patterns that make us ill, and directly treat those patterns, those particular illnesses.

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